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Individual Coaching

You're here because ADHD is preventing you from having a fulfilling life. Or maybe you want to manage your time better or have more confidence in how you move through life as an ADHD woman.

In working with me you will develop:

A tailored plan for being productive and successful in your life

Tools and techniques to help you tune to your innate wisdom

Your internal resources and strengths

Mindfulness-based skills 

An authentic expression of your vision

Specific strategies to help release stuck trauma and negative patterns

To make sure we're the best fit, please schedule your complimentary call to talk about your specific needs!


First session: 75 minute/$250

Follow up sessions: 55 minutes/$180 


What to expect: 

First session: A comprehensive session that maps your ideal life based on your ADHD. It includes a health history, an overview of your life, and a deep dive into your coaching goals. By the end of the first session, I will provide initial feedback and recommendations about an individually tailored plan to support you in meeting your goals..

Follow up sessions:  These sessions empower you to work with your ADHD brain to meet your goals.  Each session uses clearly defined, streamlined ADHD-friendly coaching strategies designed to help you minimize your ADHD challenges, lean into your strengths, release your inner critic and feel good about yourself. 

Curious if Erica's coaching is right for you? Schedule a free 30-minute consult session! 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

A comprehensive session that maps your ideal life based on your ADHD

If you’re ready to find connection with other ADHD women, gain clarity about how your incredible brain best operates, and get “unstuck”  — then it would be my privilege to have your back on this journey!

Image by Joel Muniz
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