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Bring your ADHD brain into focus & live your best, inspired life

Start THRIVING with my Signature Program

Next Group begins Tuesday, 10/25 @ 5 pm CT

Here's the thing...


The idea of being focused, productive and in your zone sounds great, right?

And really all you want is to be creative and see your projects, ideas and dreams come to fruition.

But... what if you can't just seem to get the results you've been working for?

What if you're stuck in the same loop and not feeling that click of inspiration where your work is finished and you're in the flow.

Transform your behaviors to fit who you are, not what society has set out to be so you can thrive in your ability to thrive.

Use your creative skills to embrace who you truly are and design a life that's perfectly yours and helps you achieve your goals.

I believe you are meant to thrive no matter what, no matter what circumstances or what labels have been put on you. 

Especially, as a creative professional woman with ADHD - it's time to take back your control and awareness. 


Let's Make Your ADHD Your Superpower!

Sometimes you see your natural gifts and abilities as a barrier where we can use them to help you be more self-actualized and happy!




  • Becoming organized in a way that works for you and develop an organizational process that'll work for you for the rest of your life not just the next few days or months. 

  • Reclaiming yourself, putting your needs in the planner and being there for yourself consistently. 

  • Releasing the shame of having ADHD & owning your brilliance with confidence.

  • Releasing frenetic energy, running in circles and becoming rooted intentional and growing.

  • Finding happiness outside of novelty and tuning into a deeper connection.

  • Finding your tribe connection so you're never alone.

Image by Dragos Gontariu.webp

I believe women with ADHD deserve to succeed, to thrive in this world that's set up for neurotypicals and help remove the challenges and stigmas that come with it. I believe that having a tribe of successful ADHD peers is crucial for us to move through this world with confidence and ease. ​

I care about your wellbeing. I care about your success.

You have many GREAT ideas and then you loose it at some point. You get blocked, busy or simply another one takes its place.

​Your goal is to be in the flow... to see your work and life have a rhythm. 

You want to see your work come to life quicker, with more ease and movement.

You Can Create a Life...

That is powerful, fulfilling and fits your unique way of moving without feeling stuck or bound.



First we assess your personality and where you're STUCK so we can design a plan that is created for YOU.



Then we attune to your inner strengths and natural gifts. We focus on deepening and expanding them so that your roadmap is clear.



Through the use of your talents and strengths we use my THRIVE framework to help you manifest the life you want and succeed!


Make ADHD Your Superpower!

Take the QUIZ today!

Image by Brooke Lark

Hello I'm Erica!

I'm an ADHD specialist and psychotherapist that was diagnosed with ADHD at age 40! This is why I am so passionate about working with you to find your OWN FLOW.

Since most women aren't diagnosed with ADHD I believe we've fallen off the radar to the support we need. Some of the pieces of ADHD that can keep you stuck can actually be your super power when managed and understood properly.

I believe that you can THRIVE no matter what how much ADHD is currently impacting your life in the realm of relationships, work, and family.

I want to put the power in your hands to be more productive, to feel more empowered and confident! I'll help you develop a process that allows you to achieve to your capacity and embrace your strengths to overcome negative self talk and build meaningful relationships.

Candy Cotton

I wanted to say thank you for how deeply you have changed my life, helped think with perspective and show me how to be empowered in my life. You've been a blessing and mentor in my life and because of your wisdom and guidance I've been led to such a beautiful place in my life where I can be present and joyful and myself. 

Thank you Erica from the bottom of my heart, I don't know where I'd be without you!

- Caitlin T


  • Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

  • Sensorimotor Therapy

  • Clinical Supervision and Licensed Supervisors

  • Group Therapy


  • I do not work with insurance providers, as it is not cost-effective.

  • Contact me for a free 15 minute consult to see if this is a good fit for you.


  • Phone consult (15 min): $0

  • Initial Evaluation: $250

  • 60 minute session: $180

  • Group session: $45

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